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Welcome to a whole new way of online shopping. At Funky Junk Auctions, we sell all the fun stuff….like antiques, collectibles, vintage, retro, mid century modern, coins, military, books, comics, jewelry, art glass, fine china, old tools, and much more.

When you join us at Funky Junk Auctions for an evening of fun and bargains, we do not care if you brushed your hair or if you are wearing a mask, if you are in bed or on the sofa….with or without clothes….because this buying method is all done from the comfort of your own home or office.

Funky Junk Auctions can save you a bundle of time because you do not have to drive all over the countryside to find a live auction only to get there and have to wait hours for that one item you want. ….or worse yet, find that they have nothing you want, so the whole day was wasted.

At Funky Junk Auctions, we run the viewing for multiple days to give you time to do your research and make an educated decision, then if for some reason you cannot be there for auction closing time, just put in your maximum you are willing to pay and go about your life. The software will bid for you and you will not bid against yourself.

You can then pay online via etransfer or Paypal, or cash upon pick up. Make an appointment for during our flexible pick up times and pop on over to our shop to pick your treasures up. We are still doing curbside pick up right in our parking lot for your safety and convenience. We promise to continue this until it is safe for everyone.

If you are out of the region or country, we will ship small, non fragile items.

At Funky Junk Auctions, we make it as easy and painless as possible…..We are all about the FUN!!


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