Why Shop at Online Auctions?

As you have learned, we are an online auction company specializing in ‘funky junk’ of all kinds. From unique antiques and vintage items, to pop-culture collectibles, art, primitive items, sports collectibles, art glass, mid century modern, pottery and more.

1.By shopping online you let the auctions come to you, in the comfort and safety of your own home. No Mask, no hassle, no clothes (optional).

2. Save time, gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, having to drive all over the countryside to find an auction only to be disappointed that they have nothing for you….Oh wait…..we are in lockdown, we cannot even find a live auction these days…

3.Save money because you set the price you want to pay.

4. No crowds, no getting your toes stepped on, no more not being able to see what is up for auction…we have levelled that playing field, everyone sees the same thing.

5. No more having to park in the back forty and carry your stuff to your vehicle over rough ground and in the rain, through the mud, and meanwhile that item you really want got put up on the auction block and you ended up missing it.

6. The best reason of all….it is fun!

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