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We ship small parcels, maximum size is 12 x 12 x 12″ and you only get ONE box. …make sure to allow for packing materials in your calculations. Please read the rules below.

#1] SHIPPING IS EXPENSIVE…there is no getting around that fact…..and the price goes up weekly these days with the fuel tax being increased every time the gas price goes up.

#2] There will be a handling fee of somewhere between $5.00 and 15.00 per box, depending on what we are packing up for you….and this is added to the CANADA POSTS SHIPPING FEES !!! …calculate for it. We decide who pays what for a handling fee on a case by case basis.

#3] THERE IS NO BREAKAGE INSURANCE ON BREAKABLE ITEMS THROUGH CANADA POST. We also do not want to be held responsible for Canada Posts poor handling of items. (the horror stories we could tell you) We pack well to account for this, but this also drives the cost of shipping up because of all the packaging we have to add to your items. Bid accordingly.

#4] WE DO NOT SHIP ALL ITEMS… no FRAMED Art and no large unframed art/posters, nothing difficult to pack like a sailing ship with lots of little hand carved pieces (for an example) ….nor do we ship large items, 10″ is about the limit in length, we do not ship furniture and anything delicate that might get damaged by Canada Post’s manhandling practices. What we ship is totally at our discretion.

#5] Tracking is automatic on anything in a box…we decide what goes in a box. If something went in an envelope, yes, it will be cheaper, but no tracking. This means if it gets lost, tough noogies, because we have no proof to take it up with Canada Post, so hence, no insurance (or refund) for you.

#6] Heads up, USA customers especially, merchandise can no longer go in most envelopes, paper only. Canada Post is starting to strictly enforce this. This means, more stuff needs to go in a box and that just drove up the cost of shipping, even more, sorry, it is not something we have control over. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FIRM FOR USA BUYERS-NO ENVELOPES UNLESS IT IS PAPER.

#7] We will decline your bid, or remove items from your invoice when you bid on an item we do not ship

#8] Your items must fit in a 12 x 12 x 12″ box maximum….so….common sense….10″ is the longest length of most items we are going to pack, you have to leave room for packing materials in your calculation. Size matters.

#9] If you are going to have someone pick up for you and you live a long distance away, let us know when you register in the “notes to auctioneer” section or when you bid you can contact us through the contact feature on the left, at the bottom of the item page, drop us a text or email, so we do not remove your bids on you, this is to be fair to the other bidders.

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