About Us

WHERE WE CAME FROM….Funky Junk Auctions was born out of necessity. Here in the northern part of Simcoe County there are very few auctions and when there is one, they are a long drive and at the price of fuel these days, we thought . . . hmmm . . . there has got to be a better way!

There is nothing more frustrating than driving for an hour and a half, finding a parking spot, standing in line, digging out your drivers license, registering for your number, finding a seat, locating a box the right size to hold your treasures AND fit between the rows of uncomfortable chairs, tolerating luke warm coffee with soggy sandwiches from the snack bar, then there is that someone who let’s their children run around because the poor little tykes are bored silly, the tourist behind you talking loudly on their cell phone, or worse, bumping your chair, only to be outbid on all the funky stuff you want except that last thing that you paid three times more for than you wanted to because you are NOT going home empty handed again . . . have you been there . . . done that?

. . . and there are the farm auctions . . . well that is a whole new list of issues . . . starting with having to wade through the 500 nosy neighbors who have no intentions of buying anything but came to “wish Joe well” and socialize with everyone and see how much money “Joe” makes. They mean well, but hey, auctions are business.

So, after much thinking and planning, we came up with Funky Junk Auctions. A place where you can bid on your time, from your favorite chair, in your bathrobe (or not), when you can’t sleep, when you get home from work, while watching TV, by the pool . . . anywhere you want . . . this time it really is all about YOU!

We aim to make this as easy and as painless as possible. We source out the Funky Junk and display it here for you, you bid, you win, we take Paypal (which takes all credit cards) or CASH, you can come and pick it up if you want a road trip, or we can ship it to you and really save you time.

Check out funky junk auctions by clicking on the “Auctions” link at the top of the page. Our registered HST number is 839627783RT0001

If you are looking to downsize, liquidate some inventory, move on, move up, we can help. We are always looking for consignors of quality inventory and “stuff”. For more information on how we can make you money easy, visit our consignors page.